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Coworking is the Perfect Solution for Extroverted Solopreneurs

Posted in Coworking, Cubicles on December 19, 2014

Coworking and the Extrovert

Many people who become self-employed in their own business are on their own. Call them a “solopreneur,” if you will, an entrepreneur who starts a one-man or one-woman business.

But if you’re an extrovert – if you get your energy from being around others – you may be in for a jolt: you’ll be working alone. Let’s say it again: you’ll be working alone. By yourself. No one else in your home office but you….

Some extroverts may soon come to think of their new business as less solopreneurship and more like solitary confinement. The very business they dreamed of creating becomes more like a lonely prison than freedom.

If you’re in this situation, there is a solution: a co-working office.

A co-working office is shared office space – often a space filled with cubicles or large desks, in which people work. Each person works on his or her own business, but doesn’t work in a vacuum and is instead surrounded by other entrepreneurs, small-business owners or employees of organizations headquartered elsewhere.

In a co-work space, you work solely on your own business, but you don’t work alone in an office.

A co-work office is perfect for creatives (writers, marketers, advertising people), independent contractors, work-at-home pros, and even sales people wo travel frequently. In other words, it’s great for people who usually work in relative isolation, providing them a space to get their work done and a place to “show up” for work, physically as well as mentally. A co-work space also provides that all-important social aspect of the workplace. In many ways, it’s the best of all worlds – you’re working for yourself but not by yourself. A co-work office space allows someone to work independently while still being part of a community.

And if you’re a solopreneur extravert, being around others can make all the difference.

Leasing a space in a co-work office also means you don’t have to worry about having prospects or clients come to your home. Or about meeting them in a restaurant or coffee shop. Instead, most co-work facilities provide meeting and conference rooms for the people who lease a co-work space, helping you look just as professional to clients and prospects as any other business owner.

Co-work spaces almost always provide Wi-Fi connections, kitchens, A/V and conferencing equipment, etc. Some even offer receptionist, administrative assistant and even telephone answering help.

Co-working is booming around the globe. reported in 2013 that more than 110,000 people worldwide work in one of about 2,500 co-working spaces available. The number of co-working spaces grew by 83 percent between 2012 and 2013.

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