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Benefits of Short-Term Office Space

Have you ever thought of renting office space short term?

Short-term office space is a commercial/professional office space you can rent on a short-term basis. Think for one week, a month, every other week, once a week, for six months, etc. – whatever works best for you.

Short-term renting is a great solutions for entrepreneurs, startups or other companies that need the benefit of a professional office environment, but either don’t need a long-term contract, or can’t afford one.

Companies that typically love short-term renting options are those that may need office space while their main space is being remodeled; startups which have many employees who work from a home office, but who need to come together once a week; home-based entrepreneurs who need to meet with clients a few days a month and who want a professional office environment in which to do so; startups that need office space before they want to make the commitment to a full office location (and year-long contract); and so on.

Just some of the benefits of renting short-term office space:

  • Greatly reduced cost. Not only will your payments be greatly reduced, so will the costs associated with furnishing and equipping an office. You won’t need to purchase desks, chairs, copiers, phones, etc. because the company generally provides furnished offices.
  • Your risk is lowered considerably. As mentioned above, your short-term contract means you are not signing a long-term agreement. Short-term rentals provide extremely flexible rates that can range from days, weeks, even half days, if that’s what you need. Any renting commitment is based on your needs and you can change the terms as desired.
  • Terrific flexibility. You can rent short term over a period of a few weeks, months, or even years. You can expand the amount of space you rent quickly when you need to – and decrease it just as quickly, if needed (you decide to relocate your company, for example, but need to keep one or two people in the local office for a while until the move is complete).

Do you need an office space one day a month? Two days a week? Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoons? Whatever your needs, contact our team at by calling 518-694-0662 to learn more about our short-term office rentals. You also can send us an e-mail at