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Do You Meet Where You Eat?

Posted in Business Advice, Meeting Rooms on November 25, 2014

Rent a Meeting Room instead of meeting at a restaurant

You’ve just landed a meeting with a hot prospect. We mean really hot. As in, if you land this one, you and your company’s – and your family’s – finances will be sitting pretty for a long, long, long, time.

But you work from home. With kids and dogs around you. You can’t meet this prospect there. You want to impress this company’s representatives with your professionalism. So where do you go in Albany to meet them?

“A restaurant!” you say. “A fine restaurant. I pick up the tab and they’ll be impressed. Angelo’s 677 Prime or Yono’s Restaurant will knock them off their feet!”

Not so fast.

Sure, picking up the tab for a prospect at one of Albany’s best restaurants will impress a prospect or current client. But, seriously, they’ll be eating and drinking, cutting up steak or trying to manage their vegetable lumpia while you’re making your pitch. In other words, you don’t have their complete attention. It’s instead going to their food and drink.

And don’t forget, you’re busy pitching and wooing them. Leaving you little opportunity to actually eat. Your $38 Montauk yellowfin tuna and ginger glazed root vegetables will grow cold on your plate.

Instead, to really wow a prospect or important client, rent a meeting room for a few hours here at 90 State Street.

We provide you with a luxurious, modern and private meeting room in the prestigious State Towers building in downtown Albany. We offer several conference/meeting rooms that can accommodate from four-20 people. Our rooms are fully wired for speedy Internet access and furnished and we provide audio-visual equipment and phone service.

90 State Street is downtown, but we offer plenty of parking for you and your prospects/clients. We’re also close to downtown’s cultural and nightlife hotspots, including fine restaurants, art galleries, live theater, hotels, and more.

Contact us at 518-694-0662, or via our online contact form.