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Organizing Office Space Using Feng Shui

Posted in News & Events on September 10, 2013


Whether you are spiritual or not Feng Shui still makes good sense.

How you arrange your office can affect how you feel.

Here are some basic tips to implement Feng Shui in your office.

1. Don’t point your back to a door.
Try to arrange the office space so that nobody’s back is pointing towards an entrance. If it cannot be avoided place a mirror on the wall opposite the person whose back is facing the door that way they can see the entrance in the reflection. From a security point of view this also makes a great deal of sense.
2. Get some plants
Find out which plants are best for air purifying and place them in strategic places to improve the energy flow throughout the office. Bringing a bit of nature indoors also makes people feel a bit happier about being stuck indoors all day.
3. Lose the Clutter!
There should never be clutter on your desk. Clutter makes for bad energy. This makes sense from a productivity aspect as well. The more clutter on your desk the more you are going to battle to find things and you are going to be distracted. Use desk organizers to minimize a disorganized heap on your desk. Small shelves for filing documents can also help.
4. Get the right decorations
Decorations can improve feng shui in your office. Research which type of decorations are best and keep them appropriate to the environment that you work in. Having wind chimes tingling can be very distracting if you need to concentrate.
5. Do not let energy flow straight through
The front entrance to the office should never directly face the back entrance to the office. If the doors do face each other, put a partition up midway. Feng Shui says that having this means all the energy and wealth flows straight through your office. From a health point of view your fresh air is flowing straight in and straight out and not circulating the office.

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