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How to Host a Successful Meeting

Posted in Meeting Rooms on July 15, 2014

If you need to host a meeting in Albany and need a place to do so, consider leasing one of our conference/meeting rooms for an hour, a day, or longer.

Once you’ve decided on where to hold your meeting, you’ll need to get ready to lead the meeting.

Read below for some tips on how to host/lead a successful meeting.

*Decide what your ultimate goal for the meeting is. Do you want to close a sale? Present a seminar to prospects hoping that they’ll sign up for more information (or to buy your product/service)? Train employees? Clearly know your goal(s) for the meeting before you start planning. (A critical question to ask and answer is if you really need to hold a meeting at all! Could you have a virtual meeting via Skype, hold a conference call, present a webinar instead?)

*Decide (by name) who absolutely must be at the meeting. These are the individuals who are critical to you meeting the goal you set for the meeting. If these critical people can’t come to the meeting, consider postponing it or making sure that someone else who can attend the meeting has decision-making authority.

*If possible, provide attendees with meeting materials before they arrive for the meeting. This helps prevent people from shuffling and reading through documents at the meeting and saves time. You also should distribute any paperwork meeting participates will need to complete before the meeting.

*As the meeting starts, review the goals for the meeting as well as the meeting’s agenda with your attendees.

*Before adjourning, create a follow-up plan with actionable steps. Include deadline dates, decide who is responsible for ensuring the step is completed and come to an agreement regarding  how everyone will know that a step has been completed successfully.

*Broadcast the meeting minutes and action plan to all attendees within 24 hours.

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