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Decorating Your Cubicle for the Holidays – 10 Tips and Ideas

Posted in Cubicles on October 30, 2014

Spread a little bit of holiday cheer at the office this season by decorating your cubicle or office space. With just a little bit of effort and creativity, you can make your space merry and bright, and add a bit of festivity to the office atmosphere. Here are 10 tips, tricks and ideas for decorating your cubicle this holiday season.

1.    Hang Strings of Lights
Even just one strand of lights can liven up your space and make it feel more festive. Try stringing the lights along the top of the cubicle dividers so those around you can enjoy them as well. Whether you choose colored lights or white lights, you’ll add a little cheer to the office environment.

2.    Use Holiday Mugs
If you’re like most people, you probably drink coffee, tea or water throughout the day at the office. Around the holidays, bring in a few festive mugs. No matter what you’re drinking, you’re sure to feel more cheerful if you’re drinking it from a holiday-themed mug!

3.    Change Your Desktop Background
This is perhaps the easiest way to decorate your office space for the holidays. Find a spirited, festive photo to use for your computer’s desktop background. Whether it’s a photo of your family around the Christmas tree or a stock photo of some falling snowflakes, it’s sure to keep you in the holiday spirit even when you’re hard at work at your computer.

4.    Light Festive Smelling Candles
Candles can be a great way to create ambiance. If you’re looking for an easy way to add a little festive flair to your office environment around the holidays, consider bringing in some holiday scented candles. Winter scents like evergreen, sugar cookie and mulled cider can make the office smell wonderful and can help create a warm holiday atmosphere. Just be sure to check with your employer and those who work around you to make sure this is allowed and won’t bother anyone.

5.    Embellish With Small Decorations
If you’re working in a cubicle, chances are you probably don’t have a lot of space – but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate! Consider bringing in a small Christmas tree or menorah to showcase on your desk. Hang a few ornaments or a small wreath from the thumbtacks on your cubicle walls. Use a small snow globe as a paperweight. With a little creativity and strategic decorating your small workspace can capture the essence of the holidays.

6.    Install a Candy Bowl
Find a small, festive bowl and fill it with some holiday themed candy. The bowl won’t take up much room and will add a little cheer to your desk. Plus, sharing sweet treats with those around you will brighten your day – and theirs. With this simple gesture, you can easily spread holiday cheer in your office and jazz up your desk a little bit too.

7.    Roll Out a Holiday Rug
You may feel like your cubicle has limited space for holiday decorations, but don’t forget about the floor space! Consider bringing in a small, holiday themed rug. Without taking up precious desk space, a festive throw rug or welcome mat can creatively add some holiday spirit to your cubicle.

8.    Cover Your Cubicle Walls in Wrapping Paper
This might take a little bit of effort, as wrapping a cubicle is not quite as simple as wrapping a gift box, but with some tape, thumbtacks and a little determination, you can add a whole lot of holiday pizzazz to your workspace. Cover the inside walls – and outside walls if you’re feeling extra festive and your neighbors won’t mind – with festive wrapping paper. This is an inexpensive decorative option that can be easily taken down after the holidays are over.

9.    Hang Some Garland
If you think hanging lights or wrapping paper in your cubicle might be just a bit too much, try hanging some garland or tinsel instead. These are inexpensive options for holiday decorating in the office that are easy to put up and take down.

10.    Display Holiday Cards
Many people receive holiday cards in the workplace from clients, customers or vendors. Collect these cards as they arrive throughout the season and display them in your cubicle. You can easily hang them on your cubicle walls with some thumbtacks, or even on a small display tree on your desk.

With just a little bit of effort and some creativity, you can add a lot of holiday cheer to your workspace and office environment. Be sure to check with your boss or supervisor before decorating, and make sure that what you plan to do will not disturb or bother those working around you. Once you’ve gotten the okay, choose a few of these easy, inexpensive ideas and start decorating!

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