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What is a Virtual Office?

Posted in Virtual Offices on August 21, 2014

Perfect for solopreneurs who need or want to give the impression they work in a “real office.” Great for start-ups who are worried about cash flow. The answer to a prayer for a company with a lot of remote workers who need to have e-mail and mailing addresses as if they’re coming from one “real” office.

These business and workers are perfect for a virtual office.

A virtual office, according to, “provides communication and address services without providing dedicated office space.”

A virtual office differs from a co-working space or executive suite in that employees never work in an employer’s office. Instead, the virtual office provides e-mail, phone numbers, mailing addresses, even administrative assistant services remotely.

Employees meet via audio or video conference call (Skype, for example). A virtual office forwards mail received for the company to one or more designated individuals within the company. The office provides the company with a main phone number that could be forwarded to a designated receptionist, or it could be answered by a live person in the virtual office provider’s location and then forwarded to the appropriate person’s phone line.

It’s perfect for companies that have employees who work from their home.

What are some of the benefits of a virtual office?

  • A virtual office helps entrepreneurs and small-business owners keep costs very low – there’s no large office lease to pay each month.
  • Such an office gives a small business or solopreneur a prestigious business address.
  • If available with the virtual office provider, employees can hold a live, in-person conference in the office provider’s space, as needed (and only when needed, thus reducing costs).
  • A virtual office allows businesses to control costs closely, expanding – and taking on additional costs – only when absolutely necessary.
  • It provides a business owner with all the advantages of a real office without all the work and expense that comes with setting such an office up.
  • E-mail and phone needs are handled by the virtual office.

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