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How a Virtual Office Creates a Professional Impression

Posted in Virtual Offices on February 3, 2015

Virtual Offices and Professional Appearances

If you’re starting a business it’s important to appear as professional as possible. After all, you’re going to be asking clients to pay you good money for your products/services: you want to make sure your professionalism shines through everything you do.

But the important word in that first sentence is “appear.” In other words, if you think you need to rent a professional office space and incur all those expenses (signing a year-long lease agreement, renting/buying furniture and office equipment, etc.), you’d be mistaken because a virtual office can provide all the professional appearance you could want, without the considerable overhead.

Many home-based entrepreneurs are understandably loathe to print their home address on business cards, stationary, a website, etc. Plus, 369 Winding Place just screams home-based business.  Not exactly über-professional, is it?

A virtual office provides you with that all-important professional business address. It also can deliver several other benefits, such as:

•    A mail forwarding service for the business mail you do receive at the virtual office.
•    Professional telephone reception (with a live person answering your phone) and message forwarding.
•    Some virtual office services also offer a personalized voice mail box that converts to e-mail.
•    Some virtual offices also offer a fax number that can convert to an e-mail message.
•    Many virtual office services provide call-forwarding, even to multiple phone numbers.

What’s more, should you need to meet clients or prospects, many virtual office services – such as – offers small offices or conference rooms you can rent for a few hours, an afternoon, a day, or a few days.

We know you consider your home-based business as a real business. We also know you want the world to think of it that way, as well.

That’s why a virtual office here with is a smart solution for any small-business owner or solopreneur who wants to keep overhead costs to a minimum, while maintaining a professional business image.

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