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Who Uses Executive Office Suites?

Posted in Executive Suite, Office Space Rental on December 12, 2014

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When you think of those who use executive office suites, what kind of businesses do you think of? Start ups? Sales people who need a place to hang their hat while on the road? A company that needs a satellite office for a remote employee?

If so, you’re correct. But you’ve missed a few.

The Global Workspace Association reports that a great variety of business sectors use executive suites. Manufacturers? Seven (7) percent of those who use an executive suite report themselves as manufacturers.

Nineteen percent of those companies/professionals who rent an executive suite are in the financial services sector. Government – government! – is three percent of those who lease an executive suite. Healthcare/pharmaceutical companies/professionals make up three percent of suite users. The legal field is as relatively small two percent of suite renters (one would think their percentage would be higher, but there it is).

Another big user of executive suites? Technology/IT: 16 percent. Who would have thought!?

Those who report themselves as working in the media sector make up six percent of suite renters. Retailers make up two percent of those who lease an executive suite.

So what about those for whom executive office suites are perhaps perfect (having a “professional” address, administrative help, conference rooms to use as needed): those in consulting and business services? These two sectors are neither the largest nor are they the smallest users of executive suites: both sectors are seven percent of those that use executive suites (for a total of 14 percent).

Individuals and companies leasing executive suites do so for a variety of reasons, some of which are:

• No need to spend money on furnishings and equipment.
• Lots of time saved moving in – and out.
• Shared services means monthly costs are greatly reduced.
• Shared services also means less time spent maintaining and replacing items.

Whether a business is a start-up, well-established, run by one person, has thousands of employees (and one or two in Albany who need an office), leasing an executive suite can make excellent business sense.

If your business is manufacturing or consulting, law or media, if you need a professional space that provides you with all the amenities of a “real” office without the high overhead cost, contact a representative here at 90 State Street. We look forward to hearing how our executive suites can help your business thrive.