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Trend Toward Smaller and Shorter Business Meetings

Posted in Business Advice, Meeting Rooms on December 15, 2014

Trend Towards Smaller Meetings

If you’ve noticed that fewer people are being asked to attend business meetings at your company and that the meetings seem to be shorter than they used to be, you’d be correct: the software company Active Events found that between 2008-2012 (in large cities, at least), the number of meetings in which 51-100 people attended fell by 2 percent, while the number of meetings holding 1-50 people increased by 5 percent. What’s more, the number of very large meetings (with 101 to 250 attendees) fell 3 percent.

Active Events figured the decrease was due to the recession. The recession is a factor, but not the only one. stated early in December that it believes that larger, national meetings will move into smaller, regional meetings going forward. One reason believes this to be the case is that smaller meetings can be more intimate and personal, allowing those in attendance to engage in the meeting in a more personal and interactive manner.

While the recession did play a part in the shrinking of the number of attendees at meetings, continued development in meeting technology also has resulted in a shrinking attendee list: there’s often just no need to drive or fly to a convention, seminar or quarterly board meeting when one can Skype ‘in” to the meeting.

Smaller meetings also take up less space, which means it gives event/meeting planners more leeway regarding where and when the meetings are held.

Yet this desire for smaller meetings and participating in meetings via video conferencing and other technologies means that meeting venues have to offer high-tech services and exceptional connectivity. Fast – and easy-to-access – Wi-Fi is imperative, as is top-notch remote conference software and hardware. A venue that doesn’t offer these technologies – as well as staff well-trained in their use – can find itself at a huge disadvantage when it comes to bookings.

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