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Tips To Maximize Your Small Office Space

Posted in Small Office on January 15, 2014

As you spend more and more time at your desk, it is important that you have an efficient space that provides a productive environment. However, in this era that is upon us of work at homers and many co-workers, small space can oftentimes
leaving you feel confined and unproductive. However, with the following tips you can learn how to maximize your small office space and be the most efficient and productive employee possible.

Make Use of Available Common Areas

Instead of focusing on the limitations that are provided by a small office space, consider your office as the entire building you are located in. This will help you work more efficiently without that confined feeling that small office spaces can create.

Use Less Paper
Your small office space will become much more agile when you reduce your overall reliance on paper. This will reduce the number of file cabinets and other storage unites you need to have in your already confined space.

Have a Stand-Up Meeting

A stand up meeting will not only reduce the number of chairs that you need in your small office space, but it will also produce much shorter meetings. Additionally, recent studies have proven that having these types of meetings actually result in
better and more creative ideas.

Reduce your Clutter

You will be surprised how big your small office space can feel when you get rid of all of the clutter and unnecessary items on and around your workspace. Clutter will not only slow you down on a physical standpoint, but also mentally. You need to take
time to define your space, only allowing in items that will make you productive, thus increasing your efficiency.
You can also think of other ways to open up a small space, such as natural lighting if it is available and light colored flooring. Avoid dark colors and heavy materials, as well, as these can make your space seem even more cramped. When you implement these tips in your small office space, chances are you will see it appear larger right before your eyes, and provide a more productive and comfortable
workspace for yourself.