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There is a lot to be said about being an entrepreneur or telecommuter who works from a home office: •    Extremely short commute (just walk down the hall). •    Can dress in jeans and t-shirt. (If video Skype-ing with boss or client, just put on blazer). •    No need to deal with office politics. •   […]

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Leasing Office Space Without Problems

If you’ve never leased office space before – or even if you have – you’re bound to make at least one mistake. Rest easy, such mistakes rarely break the bank. Yet it’s still far better to not make them. Read below for six mistakes many tenants make when leasing office space. 1.    Perhaps the top […]

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If you’re thinking of finding office space in Albany to rent, remember that while it’s similar to finding a home or apartment to rent, there are some important differences. Read below for the five considerations we feel are key when it comes to looking at office space to rent. 1) Just as when renting an […]

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