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Perfecting Your Sales Pitch

Posted in Business Advice on September 10, 2014

Perfect Your Sales Pitch

Crafting a sales pitch is challenging. There are so many things to consider and many, many elements to get right for a potential client or customer to be attentive and receptive to your pitch. Here are some helpful tips to help you perfect your sales pitch and go confidently into that fateful meeting with your client.

1.    Do your research
In order for you to make an appropriate and relevant pitch, it’s important for you to understand your client’s needs thoroughly. Do substantial research to understand your client’s organization, competitors and industry. Be sure you are in touch with your client’s “pain points” and have a clear understanding of how you can help to relieve that pain with your offer.

2.    Get organized
Once you’ve done your research and have a thorough understanding of how your product or service can aid your client’s organization, be sure to take time to organize your thoughts. Decide what information is most relevant and important to include in a discussion with your client. Determine how you can best showcase your knowledge and understanding of your client as you are making your sales pitch. Arrange the information you have collected logically, so that you can easily reference your findings and locate what you need as you develop your pitch.

At this stage, you may also want to take a step back and make sure you’re still on the right track. Gauge your progress and reflect on the schedule you have established for perfecting and presenting your pitch. Make sure that you have a detailed yet flexible plan for moving forward.

3.    Create an engaging presentation
During your presentation to your client, you want to present the information about what you have to offer in a clear, straightforward yet creative way while showcasing your knowledge and setting yourself apart from your competitors. This can be a tricky combination. There are many ways to present information to clients ranging from printed handouts to digital PowerPoint presentations. No matter how you choose to go about presenting to your client, keep the following things in mind:
•    Create well-designed, logically-organized, engaging media to use within your presentation
•    Use bullet points or key words instead of long, drawn-out sentences to make information maximally accessible
•    Make sure all of your materials are cohesive and uniform in terms of design
•    Include information that will showcase your knowledge and establish you as an authority within your presentation
•    Practice your presentation ahead of time – repeatedly – to make sure you are comfortable and confident with what you will be saying

4.    Choose an appropriate setting
Selecting a suitable meeting space is an important component of creating a perfect sales pitch. You want to make sure the space you choose reflects your corporate culture and professionalism, is comfortable and conveniently located, and is equipped with all of the amenities you’ll need to deliver your presentation.

If you don’t have an ideal meeting venue accessible, contacting an office space rental organization is a terrific option. 90 State Street has fully furnished office spaces, meeting rooms and conference rooms available for rent in downtown Albany, NY. Contact us today to book a meeting or conference room!

5.    Go for it!
Sales pitches can be nerve-wracking, but if you’ve taken the time to do thorough research, developed a relevant, engaging presentation and practiced your pitch repeatedly, odds are you’re in good shape. Be sure you’ve familiarized yourself with any technology you’ll need to use during the presentation, as well as with the material you will be presenting. You want to go into the meeting feeling confident and composed. Your poise and attitude are integral elements of a successful pitch and can help your clients feel confident that what you have to offer will meet their needs.

6.    Take time to listen
Sometimes it seems like making a sales pitch is all about sticking to the script and showcasing what you have to offer. However, the most effective sales pitches involve listening to your client and making sure you are in touch with their feelings and concerns. Be sure to take time during the meeting to listen carefully to your client. Don’t just hear their questions – respond to their questions carefully and thoroughly to prove that you are knowledgeable and truly care about their business needs.

7.    Conclude with a call to action
Once you’ve successfully made your pitch, make sure your client understands what the next step is. Provide a clear call to action at the conclusion of your presentation to define how the relationship will proceed.

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