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How Networking and Coworking Go Hand in Hand

Posted in Coworking, Cubicles, Networking on January 7, 2015

Coworking and Networking

If you want to take your networking efforts to the next level…

If you’re tired of going to networking meeting after networking meeting, using up precious time either during the work day or after work (and during time you could spend with your family) and seeing precious little results from all this activity….

If you’d like your networking efforts to be pretty much effortless…

Rent a space in a coworking office.

You’ll be surrounded by small business owners, solopreneurs, sales people, startup CEOs, and many other business others who more than likely are very passionate about what they do.

As you work in the cowork space together, you’re bound to get to know one another, and will do so over time at a level you just can’t duplicate at regular meet-and-greet networking events.

You’ll come to trust and like one another. You’ll come to help each other figure out how to use the conference phone in the conference room, finding a great Mexican restaurant nearby, commiserating on the joys and trials of building a business until – and much more quickly than you may think – you’ll be telling the new Realtor about your neighbor’s desire to sell her house, the HR consultant about how your husband’s company is looking for someone to give a presentation on using LinkedIn for recruiting, and the website guy about the kennel where you board your dog that needs a new website.

And your coworkers will do the same for you.

You’ll get referrals, but not just any type of referral: you’ll get solid, warm leads because coworkers will know a great deal about what you do and offer and – most importantly – will have come to trust and like you. They’ll be happy to refer you to their friends, family and colleagues because they’ve gotten to know not only your skills, but your integrity and work ethic.

In other words, renting a coworking space puts makes your networking practically effortless. Not only will you find yourself more productive working in a cowork space, your client list undoubtedly will grow easily, as well.

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