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Google Results That Can Hurt Your Business

Posted in Small Office Advice on May 27, 2014

For many businesses, using the internet to market themselves is just as important as the work that they do and keeping a reputable online image is very important. Unless you stay on top of your presence and image online, it can get out of control in a hurry. Most of the customers who shop for businesses to use online is check out reviews of your business and they usually believe what they read. If a person does a Google search of your and they find bad results, then you run the risk of losing the business. The following are a few negative Google search results that could hurt your space

Blatantly Negative

One of the most damaging things for a prospective customer to find while searching around about your business is a bad review from an unsatisfied former customer. In some cases, this bad review could be a fake created by one of your competitors in order to make you look bad, but the person reading it believes it to be legitimate. If you find this review, the first thing that you need to do is respond to it in a professional manner because getting mad about it and writing an insult will only further the bad image the review is trying to convey.

Rants of a Disgruntled Former Employee

Another common source of bad internet press is a disgruntled former employee ranting about you on social media or other message boards. This can do a lot of damage to your reputation and if not handled correctly, it could become a real problem. You need to act by asking to have it taken down and if you get no response, then you may have to get legal help. They will be able to help you take action without having to leave your lease office space.

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