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How to Choose a Coworking Space

Posted in Coworking, Cubicles on January 12, 2015

If you’ve decided to take advantage of all the benefits leasing a spot in a coworking space can give you (such as the chance to network with like-minded business people; to work on your own, but not by yourself; to free WiFi and Internet access; to having a very professional mailing address; and having phone/reception service, and more), you’ll want to read below for tips on how to choose the coworking space that’s right for you.

•    Some people need absolute quiet when they work. Other people can work when the sounds around them are muffled and indistinct. And still other folks don’t mind noise at all and can work quite nicely in an auto mechanic shop. So you’ll want to find out how noisy the coworking spaces are. See if you can check out a space at different times of day and on different days of the week. Are pets allowed in the space (barking dogs)? Do coworkers tend to talk freely to each other across the room, or do they move to a more private space for their conversations? Picture yourself working there: will you be able to get work done at the coworking space’s noise level?

•    How much is the lease? Do you need to sign up for a full month, every month, or can you lease a space for one or two days a week? Can you get a discount if you pay for a few months or a full year upfront? Do you need to belong to an organization – such as your city’s Chamber of Commerce – in order to lease a space? You also need to make sure you understand completely the space’s lease agreement and fee structure.

•    Take a look at the amenities offered. One of the main reasons to lease a cowork space is to be more productive. Does the space provide Internet access (is it free)? Are there conference rooms you reserve? What about printers, copiers, fax machines, A/V equipment, etc.?

•    Are you running a small business, or are you a free-lance copywriter? Some cowork spaces cater to marketers, graphic artists, writers, and so on, while others are more small-business oriented. Take a close look at the cowork space you’re thinking of joining to see if its “vibe” is one you feel comfortable in.

•    If you’re planning on growing your business and would like to do so in the cowork space, is there room to grow? That is, are their offices you could lease as you hire employees?

•    What does the outside of the space look like? If you plan to meet prospects/clients at the space, will the curb appeal of the building make you look more – or less – professional than you would like?

We offer coworking desks and cubicles here at, as well as offices for lease once you’re ready to move. We offer receptionist/phone answering help. We provide a kitchen and can help get you catering if you’re going to have lunch with a group of people in one of the fully-AV-equipped conference rooms you can use.

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