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8 Ways to Jazz Up Your Cubicle Space

Posted in Cubicles on October 15, 2014

Cubicle Decor

You spend hours every week hard at work in your little corner of the office – so many hours that your cubicle has probably started to feel like your home away from home. But chances are, you haven’t taken the time to really make your cubicle feel like home. Here are eight tips for making your workspace a little more comfortable and a lot more “you.”

1.    Decorate the walls
Most cubicles have blank, dull-colored walls. Think of these walls as a blank slate upon which you can creatively display your personality. Cover the walls with wallpaper, craft paper, wrapping paper or colorful fabric to liven up your workspace. If that seems like a lot of work or might be frowned upon by your officemates, try adding some photos to the walls of your cubicle or posting some of your favorite poems or quotes.

2.    Decorate the floor
The walls aren’t the only surface area that can be jazzed up in a cubicle. Many people forget about the floor space. Though your space may be limited in a cubicle, there is still some room for creativity on the floor. Find a small throw rug that you like to add a little extra color and personality to your cubicle. If you roll around in your office chair too much for a rug to be practical, look for a unique or patterned chair mat that might suit you.

3.    Add some life
Often, adding a little bit of life to a cubicle can make a huge difference. If you have the room on your desk or on a shelf within your cubicle, think about adding a small plant or even a small fish bowl to your workspace. This small addition will make your area feel much more engaging and inviting. Caring for a live plant or fish in your cubicle may be a little bit of extra responsibility – after all, a dead plant or a dead fish on your desk will be far from inviting and engaging – but the character it adds to your workspace will likely make it worth it.

4.    Add some color
Cubicles are typically very plain and neutral in color. Try to come up with some creative ways to add color to the neutrality. There are many simple and inexpensive ways to do this. Choose your favorite color and purchase a bunch of your office supplies in that color. A green stapler, hole punch, pencil cup, thumb tacks and paper clips might not seem like much but they can add a festive pop to your cubicle. You could also try adding colored lights along the top of your cubicle or putting a colorful pillow on your office chair. Use small, creative pops of color to add some personality to your workspace.

5.    Rearrange
Sometimes all it takes to jazz up your workspace is a little reorganization. Try putting your computer monitor in a different position within your cubicle. Move your phone to the other side of your desk if it will reach. Rearrange the accessories on your cubicle shelves or desktop. Transform your traditional desk into a standing desk by using a few reams of paper to raise your computer monitor and keyboard up to standing level. You can quickly and easily breathe new life and creativity into your cubicle by simply rearranging and repositioning the elements you already have in place.

6.    Accessorize
Bring in accessories for your desk that really capture your personality. Find a creative, unique business card holder or pencil cup. Add a small desk lamp, an action figure or bobble head, or a funny coffee mug. Don’t over-accessorize as space is limited and too many personal items could lead to a very cluttered desk. Instead, choose a few fun items and a few practical, functional items to jazz up your workspace.

7.    Organize
Your cubicle may be small, but it will seem a lot bigger if it is well organized. Find creative ways to organize the files and reference materials you need to keep on hand. Clear off your desktop by adding shelving or drawers for storage if possible. Desktop organizers can also help you to use your cubicle space more efficiently. Use colored folders or labels to keep papers well organized. Once you get rid of the clutter in your cubicle, you’ll have much more room to be productive and decorate creatively.

8.    Make it inviting
Cubicles can be challenging places to work. Without doors to keep sounds and distractions out, it can be hard to be productive. As such, it’s important for you to make your cubicle inviting – both for you and those who work around you. You’ll be much more comfortable in your cubicle if you befriend the people you’re sharing a space with. Consider adding a candy dish on your desk to draw people in, inspire conversations and help everyone in your shared space get to know each other. Bring in headphones so you can play music or listen to podcasts without disturbing those around you and block out noise or conversations near your cubicle that you might find distracting. Do what you can to make yourself and those around you comfortable while you are working in your cubicles.

It doesn’t take much to jazz up your cubicle and revamp your workspace. These ideas are relatively quick, easy and inexpensive, but they can greatly improve your work environment, making it more comfortable and filling it with personality. You spend 40 hours a week – or more – hard at work in your cubicle. It’s well worth it to take a few minutes out of your hectic schedule to enhance your workspace with a little bit of “you.”

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